Produttori di valvole dal 1987

CSA Interactive simulation lab

The CSA interactive simulation lab allows training and presentations and online learning of web based customers and resellers.

The CSA advanced testing facility includes a large water system, and air blower, to show the performance of:

  • Different models of CSA control valves like pressure reduction, pressure management, flow control, level control, electronic control and more
  • CSA direct acting pressure reducing valves
  • CSA direct acting pressure sustaining valves
  • CSA air valves.

Any other CSA items can be adapted to the current testing facilities and available to be shown and discussed on request.

High accuracy pressure sensors and flow meters, linked to PLC, detect hydraulic parameters and measurements through continuous data acquisition system with the variables plotted on interactive screen, to simulate and reproduce the behavior of modern water distribution systems and pressurized networks.

Through a remote access customers can visualize and connect with CSA technicians to assess and prove the efficiency and performances of CSA valves.

We strongly believe that the nature of the product we supply every day requires trained specialists to execute the job, and the CSA testing facility under constant developments has been designed with the purpose of recreating a non-risk environment where applicants can practice or follow on line the evolution of the test without any possible damage to people and structure from water hammer, rapid variations in flow and any other hazardous events common to the day to day regulation of water distribution and pressurized pipes in general.

Ask us for information about CSA on line training.