Produttori di valvole dal 1987

Training courses

CSA offers technical training to impart the required knowledge for the proper use of its products and solutions both from a practical and theoretical point.

The advanced hydraulic laboratory of CSA, one of the biggest in Europe, is able to reproduce and to show in a smaller scale the behaviour and operating principles of control valves, pressure relief valves, air valves and other devices usually present in modern water distribution and pressure systems.

The training courses are completely free of charge, held at our offices in Salsomaggiore Terme (Province of Parma, Italy) and structured to covering different subjects like:

  • Training courses for technical personnel providing a detailed explanations of the CSA products through technical presentations, animations, simulations and tests.
  • Practical training courses for field technicians involved in the day to day use of valves and to whom we are teaching how to intervene manually on our products, both maintenance and in case of emergencies.
  • Air valves theory and selection with explanation of how air enters pipelines and what are the problems caused by it along with the sizing process and the special CSA anti-surge versions.
  • Surge analysis and prevention, with real case studied and solved both for water and wastewater applications
  • Customized training session tailored to suit customer needs for specific products or projects.