Produttori di valvole dal 1987

Quality e certifications

Quality in its entirety is now an essential requirement for all businesses that aim at gaining and maintaining their position in today's market.
For this reason we have always had the objective of guaranteeing a product managing cycle which, developing a synergy between the various sectors of the company ensures:

  • Quick and precise information.
  • Evaluation of data received and immediate responses.
  • Rigorous control of incoming and outgoing products.

The production cycle, targets a constant improvement of our products, aims at complete customer satisfaction ensures predetermined margins of tolerance establishing production standards so as to guarantee that the semi-finished products reach the next production stage with the required specifications.

All our valves are made of ductile cast iron GJS 450-10 and in absolute compliance with Italian and European standards and are designed to work at a pressure of 25-40 bars. The work is carried out only by means of numerically controlled lathes, mills, horizontal machining units and subsequently examined step-by-step following strict procedures. Internal components of our valves are largely made of stainless steel or other high resistant materials for the maximum prevention of cavitation effects and corrosion.
Painting, pre-treated by sand-blasting grade SA 2,5, is carried out inside a fluidized bed containing epoxy powder, which guarantees maximum surface protection.
All our products are tested under water pressure and certified.