Produttori di valvole dal 1987

Idrante RPC

Fire Hydrant RPC

The column hydrant Mod. Apollo RPC è consists of an above-ground part with protective cap and an under-ground part joined by a pre-established rupture system, hence the acronym RPC, responsible for ensuring rupture following an accidental impact on the above-ground part. Designed in accordance with current European standards, this model includes two UNI 70 connections for the DN 80 version in addition to a UNI 100 connection in the DN 100 version. The hydrant, available in six different heights above ground, is already equipped with the foot bend in the standard version. The protective cap, with its modern and attractive design, is designed to reduce visual impact as well as the risk of misuse and vandalism.

• Full coating: to avoid the risk of internal and external corrosion.
• Stainless steel interiors: all internal components connecting the above-ground and below-ground parts, up to the shutter assembly, are made of stainless steel.
• Anti-friction system: all moving parts are designed to minimise attrition and avoid friction.
• Automatic antifreeze drain: in the case of installations in locations subject to low temperatures with a risk of frost.
• Predetermined breaking system.
• Anti-wear and anti-breakage system of the shutter: The connection between the stainless steel tube and the shutter consists of a spring pin, also made of stainless steel.

Operating conditions

• Maximum treated water 70°C.


•Mechanical strength test with plug fully open at 25 bar, leak test with plug closed at 20 bar.


• Design according to EN 1074/6 and EN 14339.
• Flanges with drill holes according to EN 1092/2.
• RAL 3000 red polyester paint and black epoxy paint.