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Pressure relief-sustaining valve in stainless steel

The CSA Mod. VSM FF, with body and internals entirely made in stainless steel machined from a solid bar, sustains and discharges the upstream pressure regardless of variation in flow rates and downstream pressure pulsations. The piston actuated VSM FF will operate in derivation from the line, as a protection from unwanted pressure rises and/or on the line as pressure sustaining valve.
Product features
• Body in stainless steel.
• Cover in nickel plated bronze or stainless steel.
• Internals in stainless steel.
• Pressure balanced piston technology.
Working conditions
• Pressure range: 10-16-25 bar.
• Upstream pressure range: 0.7-7 bar, 1.5-15 bar, higher on request.
• Treated water maximum 70°C, higher temperature on request.
• Threaded BSP F 1". Different on request.
• Tested and certified according to EN 1074.