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Saturno AS

Anti-shock water combination air valve for underground installations

The CSA Mod. Saturno AS is a complete assembly including the CSA anti-water hammer single chamber double function air valve and the main stand pipe along with built in shut-off system to contain it and make it suitable for buried underground installation, without the need of any chambers and sectioning devices therefore reducing installation costs. Saturno AS releases air pockets from pressurized pipelines, admits large volume of air in the event of pipe draining/burst, to prevent vacuum and negative pressure conditions, and allows the controlled air discharge to avoid water hammer events. Maintenance can be carried out from the top even when the system is under pressure, thanks to the built in isolating device, and a drain on the bottom of the pipe will prevent accumulation of water during operation.
Product features
• Air valve body in ductile cast iron GJS 450-10.
• Stand pipe in stainless steel.
• Base in ductile cast iron GJS 450- 10.
• Air release system in stainless steel.
• Floats in solid PP.
• Seat in stainless steel.
• Painting with fluidized bed technology RAL 5005.
Working conditions
• Pressure range: 10-16 bar; higher with external sectioning device.
• Minimum working pressure: 0.2 bar.
• Treated water maximum 60°C, higher temperature on request.
• Flanges size from DN 50 to DN 80 mm.
• Flanges standard EN 1092/2.
• Design and testing according to EN 1074.