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XLC 331/431 PN 25

Flow rate and pressure reducing control valve

The CSA model XLC 331/431 is a globe pattern hydraulically operated automatic control valve that reduces and stabilizes the downstream pressure to a constant value, regardless of variation in demands, limiting at the same time the flow rate to a maximum value.
photo of flow rate and pressure reducing valve XLC 431
Product features
• Body and cover in ductile cast iron GJS 450-10.
• Internals in ductile cast iron GJS 450-10 and stainless steel.
• Position indicator in stainless steel.
• Circuitry in stainless steel.
• Unit flow regulator device, needle valves and flow stabilizers in stainless steel.
• Seat in stainless steel.
• Painting with fluidized bed technology RAL 5005.
• On the main pumping line for protection against excessive flow conditions and possible increase in pressure.
• When stabilizing and reducing pressure to plants and civil installations as a protection against excessive flow during peak hours and possible pipe breaks.
• Stabilizing the water consumption and pressure fluctuations of secondary lines and water distribution systems during changes of fluid parameters needed for the daily regulation and control maneuvers.
Standard and connections
• Design and testing according to EN 1074.
• Flanges size from DN 50 to DN 400 mm, higher on request.
• Flanges standard EN 1092/2, different on request.
Working conditions
• Pressure range: 10-16-25 bar.
• Minimum working pressure: 1.5 bar acting on the pilot.
• Treated water maximum 70°C, higher temperature on request.