L'acqua sotto controllo
Automatic control valves

XLC 510 - XLC 610 PN 40

Pressure reducing valves

The CSA models XLC 510 and 610 are globe pattern piston operated automatic control valves, PN 40 bar rated, that reduce and stabilize the downstream pressure to a constant value, regardless of variation in demands and upstream pressure conditions.
Photo of pressure reducing valve XLC 510
Product features
• Body and cover in ductile cast iron GJS 450-10.
• Internals in stainless steel.
• Position indicator in stainless steel.
• Circuitry in stainless steel.
• Needle valves and flow stabilizers in stainless steel.
• Seat in stainless steel.
• Painting with fluidized bed technology RAL 5005.
• Downstream of pumps to reduce the pressure on the main supply line.
• In derivation from the main line to stabilize the pressure of secondary line and water users.
• As a protection against rise in pressure of industrial equipment, plants and civil installations.
• On the inlet supply line of storage tanks to stabilize pressure and flow required for the level control.
Standard and connections
• Design and testing according to EN 1074.
• Flanges size from DN 50 to DN 150 mm, higher on request.
• Flanges standard EN 1092/2, different on request.
Working conditions
• Pressure range: 40 bar.
• Minimum working pressure: 0.7 bar acting on the pilot.
• Treated water maximum 70°C, higher temperature on request.